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Kleinknecht is a general supplier for testing technology, machine tools, and automation drive systems for industrial plants, mechanical engineering, and logistics. Using advanced technology, we develop tailored solutions that meet your specifications.

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Technology-Specific Automation Systems

As a software-based system integrator, Kleinknecht provides holistic solutions for complex mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic tasks using integrated interface coordination.

Proud Members of the Burke Porter Group

The Burke Porter Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced technological testing and assembly solutions. Our family encompasses 31 locations across 4 continents, with manufacturing and support capabilities across the globe.

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Our Products

Electrical Discharge Texturing (EDT Machines)

As the world's first manufacturer of EDT machines, Kleinknecht is utilizing linear motor technology to control electrodes for high-end EDT machines. We have a long track record of proven experience, developing controls and generator technology for EDT machines for over 40 years.

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EDT Machine

Testing Technology

Testing Technology

Kleinknecht plays a vital role in the manufacturer’s effort to create uninterrupted acceleration with new dual clutch transmissions. As general contractor for many turnkey installations, Kleinknecht’s test benches have become essential components of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

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