Electrical Discharge Technology (EDT Machines)

As the world's first EDT-machine builder, Kleinknecht is utilizing linear motor technology to control electrodes for high-end EDT machines.

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In the field of the electrical discharge machines (electrical discharge texturing = EDT) Kleinknecht has a long track record of proven experience. For 40 years Kleinknecht has been developing controls and generator technology for EDT/EDM machines. 


Today, more than 60 EDT machines worldwide are equipped with electrical controls and generators (firing units). In the EDT process, which involves thousands of ignitions per second, the surface is roughened on rolls up to 10 tons—use, for example, for sheet metal in automobile construction or for the production of white goods. Since 2010 Kleinknecht has been a successful manufacturer of complete EDT machines. The innovative concept of the Kleinknecht EDT machine eradicates all the known weaknesses of traditional machines.