The pipe industry especially benefits from our core expertise. Our engineers are capable of performing both the handling of most high end programming packages as well as providing the essential technological know-how required for the pipe manufacturing process.

Kleinknecht provides solutions for:

  • longitudinal seam-welded large pipes, e.g.
    • U-O-E-press
    • J-C-O-press/pipe forming press
    • root tacking machine
    • roll bending machine
    • expander
    • ultrasonic systems
  • seamless pipes, e.g.
    • stretch-reducing mills
    • rotating/traveling saws
    • adjusting lines
    • dressing lines
    • pipe cutting machine
  • spiral tubes, e.g.
    • coil preparation
    • welding machines
  • and for pipe transport, e.g.
    • driverless pipe transport system throughout a complete pipe production