ATS Advanced is our test bench automation system developed in-house. The most complex testing processes can be visualized. The open architecture makes it a particularly user-friendly system, rating very high in flexibility and scalability. Customers can use ATS Advanced to intervene in their own open-loop control processes, to enter data for themselves, or to extend the system using off-the-shelf hardware.


  • Communicating with the equipment under test (EUT) via a bus system specific to the vehicle
  • Going through the test procedure stored in the test bench computer for the specific gears
  • Prescribing the ideal values for closed-loop, multi-engine drive controls (only in the case of test benches possessing these)
  • Recording the measured values (such as rpm, torque, messages and measurements from open-loop gear controls)
  • Evaluating the recorded measurements online

Thanks to the fast, Profibus connection between the computer and the closed-loop drive controls of the end-of-line test benches, continuous reference values are supplied from the real-time computer with the effect that there are never any blank periods between the test steps. In addition, the system transfers the electric motor measured values (for rpm and torque) direct to the real-time computer digitally (no longer as an analog representation). Thus, conversion errors are precluded.

  • The closed-loop multiple-vehicle PLC
  • The test bench computer