Permanent magnets are required for motor and generator engineering. For their production, dipoles of ferromagnetic material must be rectified. For this purpose, a cable is wound around the component to be magnetized according to a pattern that depends on the required polarity (into the grooves of an exciter runner, for example).


Our magnetization system with an energy consumption of only 6 kVA generates for a maximum DC idle voltage of 1200 V unidirectional pulse through the cable of a maximum of 6000 A so as to achieve the required dipole orientation. Magnetization can be performed every 10 minutes. Operation is ensured using a touch panel. The system meets the applicable safety standards.

  • Energy store with auxiliary devices and automation components
  • Control panel with display and switches
  • External display and on-screen controls
  • Actual magnetising head
  • System of measurement (e.g.of the strength of the magnetic field induced) to enable quality to be checked
  • Our system allows the magnetization of permanent magnets using a 16A connection

A brochure with further information can be downloaded here.